toolution® tool systems.

Milling system toolution© MILLING

New insert generation

  • double amount of cutting edges
  • ground insert, extreme stayable
  • smooth cut by double positive insert geometry
  • far lower machine power consumption
  • lowest ride disturbance, high protection of spindle
  • prolonged stability times by new grades

Milling bodies

  • true insert fixing by patented screw clamping
  • inner cooling, suitable for lubrication
  • nickel-coated milling bodies, high corrosion protection
  • no cleaning and oiling necessary

Grooving system toolution© GROOVING

New tool system for grooving and turning of hardened steels.

  • Grooving width 0,5mm up to 8,0mm.
  • Extremly stable clamping by prismatic insert rest and prosmatic clamping.

Adjustable stop for variable grooving depth.

  • Adjustable grooving depth up to 60mm.
  • Modular shaft tool for right and left hand usage.
  • Universal cartridge for left and right hand usage, applicable on all available shaft diameters (16-25mm).

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