rollFEED® Turning: system components


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System components

Adaption of rollFEED® Turning


rollFEED® unit

Due to application and machine-conditions rollfeed® unit is applied with different transmission sizes (80mm / 125mm / 160mm).
The turret respectively tool slide interface is available with popular tool fitting systems. The dimension of rollfeed® unit varies in width across flat and swing diameter of the turret respectively space conditions.
rollfeed® units with transmission sizes 220mm and 320mm are used for heavy-duty machining. All rollfeed® units perform with highest work-piece repeatability.


quickchange precision tool fitting

The tool fitting is mounted onto the rollfeed® units turntable. Depending on size of the rollfeed® unit the tool fitting processes quickchange precision-tool-holder of sizes 4, 6 and 8 (C4-C8).


quickchange precision-tool-holder

quickchange precision-tool-holders are equipped with particularly designed pockets for rollfeed® inserts.



rollfeed® inserts

Unique rollfeed® insert geometries machine up to three different workpiece sides - in one motion.

XBGX 1704..:

Insert for machining up to 2 work piece sides.

TCGW 1904..:

Insert for machining up to three workpiece sides.


Zeichnung_rollFEED-Bearbeitung-XBGX-1seitenZeichnung_rollFEED-Bearbeitung-XBGX-2seiten Zeichnung_rollFEED-Bearbeitung-TCGW-3seiten

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