Vandurit rollfeed ® turning is a new, innovative turning process. Read more about rollfeed ® turning or click on the links above:


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rollfeed® turning: A quantum jump
in evolution of turning.


World premiere on EMO 2017.

Presented in September 2017 on fair EMO in Hannover/Germany, the new innovative turning process ROLLFEED® turning impressed visitors for the first time in public.

The Process

rollfeed ® turning enables the rollover of insert contour being a cutting edge on rotationally symmetrical surfaces of any shape. Rollover motion is generated by rotation of the tool with simultaneously compensation of arising center offset by X- and Z-axis of the machine-tool. The unrolling feed synchronously overlays the contour parallel feed rate. By utilization of known cutting materials rollfeed ® turning can be applied in all known work piece materials.

See rollfeed® turning in real machining applications

Real Workpiece machining and explanatory videos.

see videos

Some of the benefits of ROLLFEED® turning:

  • Massive Cutting Performance
  • Tool-Life Multiplication
  • Minimizing Tool Changes
  • Reduction Of Tool Variation
  • Increasing Productivity
  • and much more


All benefits of rollfeed ® turning:

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ROLLFEED® turning compared to ISO turning

Cutting data of different workpieces / applications

Soft turning with carbide

workpiece material: St52
hardness: 470 – 630 N/mm²

Ball joint

workpiece material: 16MnCr5
hardness: Hrc 60±2


workpiece material: 100Cr6
hardness: Hrc 60±2

System Components

The rollfeed ® process contains different system components depending of your machine type. Get an overview and detailed informations on this page:

system components


The programming of rollfeed ® process can be done with different possibilities: You can use Vandurit rollfeed ® macros (programming online) oder use the module “rollfeed ®” in hyperMILL® von OpenMind.


This is the most individual part of the rollfeed ® installation. Depending on your machine type you will need an individual adaption or – f.e. with a B-axis machine – you need no particular adaption.

rollFEED® unit

Due to rollfeed ® units almost every CNC machine is able to use the rollfeed ® benefits. There is no need of installing a unit with MillTurn machines, because the B-Axis of the machine is used instead.

QuickChange (Capto) precision tool holder

quickchange precision-tool-holders are equipped with particularly designed pockets for rollfeed ® inserts.


ROLLFEED® inserts

Due to unique geometry of rollfeed ® inserts 3 sides of a workpiece can be machined – in one movement. The movement of the heating point of the operation through rolling the cutting edge significantly increases tool life.

Upgrading your machines

Required components depending on machine type



  • quickchange (Capto) precision tool holder
  • rollfeed® insert

Lathes with and without powered tools


  • panel / interface and servo motor
  • technical connection to CNC control
  • rollfeed® unit „DirectDrive“
  • quickchange (Capto) precision tool fitting
  • quickchange (Capto) precision tool holder
  • rollfeed® insert

Lathes with powered tools and BMT interface


  • rollfeed® unit „TurretDrive“
  • quickchange (Capto) precision tool fitting
  • quickchange (Capto) precision tool holder
  • rollfeed® insert


Software for programming the ROLLFEED® process


Vandurit Macros

Programming via parameter input on rollfeed ® macro website:

Demo site example video

hyperMILL® / OpenMind

Recommanded for very complex workpieces or with many different operations.

more about hyperMILL

Manual correction

If needed opration parameter like feed rate or cutting speed can be edited manually in the CNC interface.

All informations as PDF download

Our rollfeed ® turning brochure as PDF for download. Click the button!

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Cooperations for the future of turning

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