Possibilities of ROLLFEED® programming

01 rollfeed® macros

Macro Programming

Programming via parameter input on rollfeed ® macro website: macros.rollfeed.net

Freely combinable rollfeed ® macros inclusive correction function
for all popular CNC controls available.

demo site example video

02 Programming in hyperMILL®

hyperMILL® by OpenMind

Recommended for complex or many differnet workpieces.

hyperMILL® automatically generates and transfers to CNC control
a collosion checked CAM program incl. correction mask. Contour
element as well as starting point and endpoint are defined on

03 Optional manual correction

Manual Correction

Programming directly in CNC interface

X=120,000 (mm) Z=25,000 (mm) W=-90,000°

Edit and input of parameters like feed rate and cutting speed in the CNC interface.