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World premiere rollFEED turning

World premiere on Emo.

Serial manufacturer or mass producer? Complex workpiece geometries? Highest surface conditions? Regardless all above: cost per part reduction?

The high efficient answer is presented by Vandurit together with technology experts from EMAG: World first rollfeed® turning. This patent pending turning method enables huge jumps in performance and is as of now available as powered tool with all EMAG Pick-up machines – as well as upgrade of existing machines. Then turning performs with 3 axis. Even complex geometries are generated in one motion - with one tool only. And that means: You profit from huge jumps in performance! rollfeed® turning machines up to 90% faster compared to known turning methods. Additionally tool consumption is cut down up to 90%. Moreover metrological twist-free surfaces on demand are available up into the workpiece corners. You are interested in this exceptional turning innovation? Visit us on EMO Hannover - Hall 5, booth D24 from 2017, Sept. 18th to 23rd or visit back soon www.vandurit.de/rollfeed
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Next fair

EMO Hannover, Germany - hall 5, booth D24.

18th - 23th September 2017.

logo_emo-2017 Here is a link to the fairs website: EMO Hannover Here you will find fairground overview plans. Visit us in hall 5!: fairground plan Here you will find our booth D24 in hall 5 (PDF): Booth D24 World premiere: rollfeed® turning machines up to 90% faster compared to known turning methods. Additionally tool consumption is cut down up to 90%.
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New grooving tool system: toolution GROOVING


New tool system for grooving and parting off with pCBN inserts.

The precision adjustable tool system toolution© GROOVING with pCBN inserts offers significant advantages compared to established systems and replaces the actual system Vandurit toolution© GROOVING:
  • grooving width 0,5mm up to 8,0mm
  • extremely stable clamping by prismatic insert rest and prismatic clamping
  • adjustable stop for variable grooving depth
  • adjustable grooving depth up to 60mm
  • modular shaft tool for right and left hand usage
  • universal cartridge for left and right hand usage, applicable on all available shaft diameters (16-25mm)
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press release: cooperation

press release 12.12.2014:

By 01.01.2015 Palbit S.A. and Vandurit GmbH concluded a cooperation in order to complement each other’s product line. Additionally Palbit appoints Vandurit as exclusive distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Palbit S.A. was founded in 1916. In 1952 initial production of carbide products was started. Since the ownership change in 2003 Palbit was turned inside-out in order to become a full line supplier. Today all production departments and the marketing center are state of the art. Palbit is a full line supplier in automotive, aerospace, mould and die, medicine, machine construction and all sub-supplier industries. The cooperation enables Vandurit to serve our customers the full product line from stock.
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Translocating production department to Leverkusen

Translocating production department to Leverkusen.

In December 2013 plant Zweibruecken was translocated to headquarter Leverkusen. Production flow and processes were re-arranged and optimized. Due to consolidation of marketing, development and production the reaction- and delivery-times were further shortened.
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New ceramic grade

New Vandurit whisker ceramic grade VWS100

New Vandurit Whisker ceramic grade VWS100 for higher feed machining of hardened steels, inconel, hastelloy, haspaloy,  waspaloy, chilled cast iron (400-700 HB), etc.


  • Whisker reinforced Al2O3 ceramic grade
  • Improved toughness for interrupted cutting and up to 60% higher feed compared to standard ceramic grades
  • For wet cutting.

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New grades V14..

New carbide grades V1415, V1425 & V1435

New Vandurit carbide grades V1415, V1425 und V1435 for integral machining of stainless steel.


  • V1415 High wear resistant carbide grade for high speed continuous cutting of stainless steel
  • V1425 Good combination between wear and fracture resistance for turning of stainless steel up to medium interrupted cutting conditions
  • V1435 Superior toughness for heavy interrupted cutting, high depth of cut and low speed machining

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Hard part machining with dynamant pCBN


New standard in hard part machining with coated pCBN.

Made in Germany - nano structured, highly heat- and excellent impact resistant PVD coatings combined with leading pCBN grades, composed in new product family Vandurit dynamant pCBN sets a new a standard in hard part maching with coated pCBN. In new dynamant product line for turning and grooving of hardened steels >50HRC you can choose between high wear resistant up to tough grades, inserts with wiper radius or chipbreaker and 3 standard edge preparations. Semi standard reboring tools for hard fine machining of smallest diameters complete the new product line.

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New tool system for grooving


New tool system for grooving and turning with 2-tipped pCBN inserts.

Precision adjustable tool system toolution© GROOVING with inserts typ LCGN2505 for hard part machining offers significant advantidges compared to established systems:
  • 2 cutting-edges per insert
  • Grooving and turning operation by triple 120° support plate prism
  • 4-times indexable carbide support plate
  • up to 1,5mm precision adjustable for reground inserts
  • Grooving width 1,0mm to 7,0mm
  • ...
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