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A quantum jump in evolution of turning.


World premiere on EMO 2017.

Serial manufacturer or mass producer?
Complex workpiece geometries?
Highest surface conditions?
Regardless all above: cost per part reduction?

The high efficient answer is presented by Vandurit together with technology experts from EMAG: World first rollfeed® turning. This patent pending turning method enables huge jumps in performance and is as of now available as powered tool with all EMAG Pick-up machines – as well as upgrade of existing machines. Then turning performs with 3 axis. Even complex geometries are generated in one motion - with one tool only.

And that means: You profit from huge jumps in performance!

rollfeed® turning machines up to 90% faster compared to known turning methods. Additionally tool consumption is cut down up to 90%. Moreover metrological twist-free surfaces on demand are available up into the workpiece corners.


massive cutting performance

Up to 90% reduction of machining time due to multiple feed rates (on the basis of large working radii) and additional unrolling-feed-overlay.


tool-life multiplication

Minimizing tool consumption up to 90% by unrolling insert geometry being a cutting edge.


minimizing tool changes

Minimizing tool changes: no tool change for 3-side machining.


reduction of tool variation

Unique design of rollfeed® inserts enables unrolling the cutting edge into the workpiece corner. Hereby tool variation is needless.


twist free surface

Metrological twist free surfaces on demand.


upgrade your machine

Easy upgrade of established machines.


minimizing new hardness zone

Reduction of heat generation and heat exposure into the work-piece by continually changing cutting point.


pressure stresses only

Unrolling the cutting edge into the work-piece generates pressure stresses only (no tensile stresses).


increasing productivity

Increase in productivity, quality and efficiency: Adopting rollfeed® propels output and reforms quality. At the same time insert usage and variation is cut down.

Videos Vandurit rollfeed® Turning:

Process and cooperation with EMAG:

Process and cooperation with OPEN MIND

Comparison rollfeed® turning vs. ISO turning:


ball joint:

ball cage:

cylinder liner:

switching sleeve:

demo workpiece:


You are interested in this exceptional turning innovation?

Visit us on EMO Hannover - Hall 5, booth D24 from 2017, Sept. 18th to 23rd