World premiere rollFEED turning

World premiere on Emo.

Serial manufacturer or mass producer?
Complex workpiece geometries?
Highest surface conditions?
Regardless all above: cost per part reduction?

The high efficient answer is presented by Vandurit together with technology experts from EMAG: World first rollfeed® turning. This patent pending turning method enables huge jumps in performance and is as of now available as powered tool with all EMAG Pick-up machines – as well as upgrade of existing machines. Then turning performs with 3 axis. Even complex geometries are generated in one motion - with one tool only.

And that means: You profit from huge jumps in performance!

rollfeed® turning machines up to 90% faster compared to known turning methods. Additionally tool consumption is cut down up to 90%. Moreover metrological twist-free surfaces on demand are available up into the workpiece corners.

You are interested in this exceptional turning innovation?

Visit us on EMO Hannover - Hall 5, booth D24 from 2017, Sept. 18th to 23rd

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