Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Upgrade your machine

How can I install rollfeed ® turning o a CNC machine and can I use it on my existing machine?

Every CNC turning machine, wich can control 3 axis simultanously is able to be equipped with rollfeed ® turning.

rollfeed® Programming

How can I programm rollfeed ® Turning?

For programming there is offerd Vandurit rollfeed ® macros or hyperMILL ® rollfeed ® CAM.

Surface Quality

Which surface quality can be achieved?

Surface qualities up to Ra 0,12µm (grinding quality) can be achieved.

Twist free surface

Is it possible to achieve twist free surfaces?

Twist free surfaces are possible on every contour (f.e. conical, cylindrical, plain).

Payback period

How long takes it to return the inverstement (ROI)?

Due to reducing the machining time enormously it takes about 2 to 12 weeks to paybakc the invest – depending on number of workpieces and number of shifts.